When You Fall for Bad Boys

When You Fall for Bad Boys

Everyone is attracted to things that are bad for them.  You might want an extra muffin or another beer.  You know that you don’t need it but you will want it.  There are times when you want to smoke even though you know it is bad for you.  The same thing happens with guys.  We find ourselves wanting to be with the bad guys and this relationship, we know, is unhealthy.

But what if it does work out?  What if they are just pretending to be tough and they are really sweet and kind.  Sometimes a bad boy gets the name because they are wild and do not want to be fixed.  They want to do their own things, but this doesn’t mean they are really bad.

Most bad boys have good luck with finding a lady and they don’t care about getting the girl, they just want to be who they are.  They want to move through life and do what they want, and all the ladies will love them.


When you find a guy that is challenging, it makes it fun.  The bad boy will be a challenge and will make you want to face this.  You will want to give them your all even if you know they are trouble.

Bad boys have full time jobs and they stay busy.  They want to do their tasks and learn things, but they have problems.  They have many girlfriends form their past and so you shouldn’t get wrapped up in them.


Bad boys are different and unique.   They do their own thing and have their own ideas and thoughts.  They want to be artists or bikers or do things that set them apart.  They like to be kind sometimes and they are really smart.

They know how to keep their talents and they have the ability to attract many women.  They know they are cute and that they are different.  They have a special power to keep you interested.


These boys don’t want to settle down or get married.  They want to have fun and do what they have in their life.

Instead of getting married, they want to travel or go from one relationship to the next without stopping.  They want to date who they want to date.

A bad boy will not worry about getting married or being too serious.  They will have a good time no matter what happens.


A bad boy will be very protective, and you will like that.  They will seem tough, but they will be there if you need them and they will never take advantage or hurt you.  They will not talk bad about you or put you down.

They are consumed with themselves, but they get jealous when you talk to other people or slip away from them.  They want to have you and they are possessive.  Once you are theirs, you are their property and they will do all they can to protect you and make you love them.


You don’t have to worry about these guys loving themselves, they do.  They are nice but they like to feel that they are bad.

They are sexy and they are confident with who they are.  They have their hands on being confident in who they are and what they want.

They will not have any problem attracting someone and they will be strong and easy to be with.


Bad boys are great in bed and they are fun to be with.  They will keep you excited, and you will be hooked the first time.

The problem is that their love for you is usually short and you might get your heartbroken.   Even if you have fun, chances are he will be about himself and will be thinking about hooking up with someone else.


Bad boys have a special charm that make you fall for them.  They like to play, and they look good.  They love their mom and sisters and they will do what they can to protect them.  Some of them will play sports and some of them will not.  They like to act like kids.

They really haven’t grown up and they will do things to try to manipulate you.  They will never be responsible for their actions and will make it seem like it is your fault.

Risk Takers

Bad boys like to take risks and they don’t think of safety first.  They love extreme sports and to do things that give them a thrill.  They want to be excited and have fun in life.

Some of these guys are addicted to winning and will not care about cheating on you so that they can get another girlfriend.  This can cause you trouble and can ruin your life and your relationship with them.

Dark Side

The dark side of them will pull you in.  They will be handsome and hard to understand.

Some of them will have a dark past and will not talk about it.  They will not tell you what holds them back.

Sometimes these guys will only want to have fun that involves trouble and they will not be good at staying in a relationship.


Bad boys are very manly, and they want to do things for you like carry you or show off for you.  If someone is rude to you, they will stand up to them.  They will be strong for you and negotiate with you.

A bad boy is always manly and will not play or be silly.  He will not be emotional and will have manly qualities.

You Want to Fix Them

You will want to fix these guys because you want to be with them.  You will see that they have problems and you will want to make them better.  Fixing a guy like this is rare and you will seem like he wants to change and then you will see that isn’t really true.  Deep down he doesn’t want to change and so he won’t.

We still will chase them even though we know we will never catch them.

Spoiling You

A guy like this knows what to say and what to do to swoon you.  They will give you gifts and do things that other guys won’t.  They will wash your hair and paint your fingers just because you want to.  They will know what to do to romance you.

The problem is that they don’t do this forever and then when you fall for them, chances are they will be over you.  They will make you feel that you did something wrong when it is really them.


These boys will make you want to rebel and go against what your parents say.  They will not be a future for you, but you won’t care.  You want to be with them, and you will.

You will go and check out these guys and you will figure out that they are charming and fun to be with but that you will be with them just because your parents don’t want you to.  You will change who you are and start drama just to get back at your parents.


You will never be able to guess what is happening next.  You won’t know what your guy is up to and you won’t know what exciting thing he will do next.

The thing is that you never know what will happen and this can be good or bad.  They can come and things can be good, or their mood can change, and things can be really bad.  If something is okay in a normal relationship, it probably won’t work in this one and this can mean that he will cheat, lie and do other things that hurt you.


Most people will date the bad guy for a thrill.  They will meet you and you will be playing safe and then you get bored and want something else. The bad boy will be completely different, and you will want him.

You will have a crazy experience and you will end up being left hollow and not knowing what to do. He will love you and then crush you and you will be damaged both emotionally and mentally.  They will thrill you but then dump you and you will only know this if you give it a try.  So, find out for yourself what happens when you date the bad guy.