Stay Single Until You Find Real Love

Find Real Love

If you want to have happiness, you have to learn to love yourself. If you need to, stay single and figure out who you are.

You need to figure out what you want in your life and build up your character so that you can be strong and so that no one can hurt you. This is how you prepare for any relationship or hard thing that comes in your life.

We have trained our whole life to be able to stand up when something hard comes at us and you don’t want to be with someone that will hurt you right when you start fighting in your life.

Don’t worry about being single, most girls have to deal with issues rather they are single or with someone. Some will choose to be in relationships, even bad ones, over being single.

These people are afraid to know who they are and to live on their own. You have to make a choice to love yourself and your life. Party and have fun like tomorrow is not coming.

  • Instead of being with someone, take time to spend with your family and friends. Grow your friendships and your family life. Don’t be with someone just so you aren’t alone.
  • Be patient with yourself and learn to get rid of your insecurities.
  • Stay single until you meet someone that will make you feel that your world will end if you aren’t with them. Wait for someone until you get butterflies in your stomach each time you see them.
  • Stay single until you meet someone that is so excited to see you that he never breaks plans and always goes out of his way to be with you.
  • Stay single until you meet someone that treats you like a trophy and wants to show you off to friends, family and even strangers.
  • Stay single until you meet someone that falls in love with exactly who you are and someone that embraces your flaws and respects that your days aren’t always going to be perfect.
  • Stay single until you meet a person that wants to spend all of their time with you and will share everything with you such as what he wants in life, his interests and what makes him, and you are happy.
  • Stay single until you meet someone that will miss you even while they are at work and will call you and check on you just because they want to.
  • Stay single until you meet someone that will inspire you to live a better life, someone that makes you want to have the bet and someone that wants to see you reach your goals.
  • Stay single until you find someone that cares more about you than anyone ever has. Stay single until you have the best time with this person and until you know that you are truly in love.
  • Stay single until you find the person that is going to care for you and for you alone and the one that will make you happy and free in your life.