How to Have an Easy Breakup with Someone You Love

Easy Breakup with Someone You Love

When you are in love or in a relationship with someone, letting them go can be heartbreaking and it is never easy. You know that you will have to do this, and it will be painful but if it is the right thing to do, you need to do it.

How do you break up with someone that you love? How do you learn to let go of the feelings that you have had for this person?

This is something that is not going to be easy and even though it is hard to accept, you have to keep fighting so that you can let things go.

You will have feelings all over the place and your emotions will be up in arms. You will not want to hurt he person that you are breaking up with, but it will cause your heart to break along the way.

If you are going to break up with someone that you love, you need to make sure that you are patient and that you are taking care of yourself along the way.

Breaking up will be hard but if you want to make your breakup easier on you and your partner, here are some things you need to do:

Talk About It

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you and your partner are talking things out. Communication is important in every relationship. Once you begin to think about breaking up with someone then you need to talk to your partner immediately.

You need to do this so that you can save the relationship if you want to but if you have decided that you are done, you need to have a real talk with them.

Talk About Why You Want to Break Up

You need to be honest with your partner and tell them all the reasons that you want to end the relationship. You can tell them that you love them, but you need to make sure that you don’t make them think that you are going to stay together.

Even if they don’t understand, you have to do what is best.

Face to Face Talking

You must never talk to someone over text to break up with them. See them face to fae and do not breakup with them in any other way.

Your partner should be treated with respect, and you can do a breakup the right way. Remember that they have been a huge part of your life and you can give them a proper breakup.

Listen to Their Feelings

If you still feel that you love your partner, then you want to try to break up with them in the easiest way that you can. You don’t want to break their heart and you want it to be as painless as it can be.

Pay attention to when and where you choose to break up with them and do it in a way that it can be the easiest.

Always make sure that you make the decision, and you stick to it.

Make Sure Its Clean

Choose to have a clean breakup so that you can move forward, and they can too. Do not offer to stay friends because this can make them think that it isn’t over.

Once you decide to break up with them, you need to respect them and care about their wellbeing and you can do this by making sure you have a clean break.

What Not to Do

Here are some things that you should not do when you breakup with someone you love:

No Ghosting

Do not ghost your partner. This person has been in your life for a long time, and you should love and respect them even if you cannot be together.

Ending things with someone can be hard but you need to talk it over and let them have a say in their feelings as well. Always breakup face to face.

Taking Time Apart

If you go to break up with your partner, they might suggest that you just take a break. If you want the relationship to be over, you need to end it or you will make them think that things will work out later.

It is not fair for you to suggest that you take a break when you know that the relationship is over.

Public Breakups

The best way to breakup with someone is in private. You should not put a show on in front of others when you choose to breakup with someone. Doing this in private is much kinder and will allow your partner to be able to express what they are feeling or even cry.

Breaking up in private is respecting your partner.

False Hope

Never give your partner false hope. If the relationship is over, say it is over and don’t give it another chance. Don’t talk about changing or making things different but just end it and stick with it.

Sex After Breakup

Even if you find that you are lonely, do not call your ex after you break up with them to have sex. This is unfair to them and if you are breaking up then you need to let them go.

If you think that the relationship can be saved, try to get help and counseling before you break up instead of going back and forth.

When to Breakup with Someone

Breaking up can be hard but if you have an issue with abuse then you need to end the relationship right away. Here are some other reasons you need to end the relationship.


If you have tried therapy and you cannot get the relationship to be better, you need to let them go. If you have tried different counseling and nothing seems to work, you need to do what you can do to make sure that you save yourself and let them go.

Breaking Up and Fixing It

Make sure that you aren’t in an off again and on-again cycle. You need to decide that you are staying together, or you are breaking up. Love is not always enough to make relationships work.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, this is one great reason to leave.


When there are problems in the relationship it takes two of you to fix it. If you are the only one that is putting effort into making the relationship better, let it go. If you feel that you are the only one trying to make the relationship better, let them go and you will see that walking away was the best for you.

Trust and Respect

If you have no trust or respect for your partner, then the relationship will never work. If they are always being rude or disrespecting you, walk away.

Loved Ones and Your Relationship

People around you will see things that you don’t and if everyone in your life doesn’t think that you should stay in that relationship then maybe you shouldn’t. Sometimes when you are too close to things you don’t always see the red flags that other people see.

Problems in the Relationship

People will fall out of love and things will change and people fall apart. If you wake up and feel that you are no longer happy, you can tell that the relationship has problems. When you try to reconnect and you find that you cannot, it can be a sign that you no longer are happy in the relationship, and you can move on.


Abusive behavior should never be part of your relationship. If you are getting any kind of abuse, then you need to walk away.

Never explain to others why you walk out of an abusive relationship, just do it.


All couples have disagreements and fights but if you find that you are fighting more than being happy then your relationship is not always healthy.

These relationships can make you have a mental health issue.

Passion is Missing

Being in a good relationship means that there is passion and there is a spark. If the spark has left and you feel nothing, chances are you need to move on and not stay stuck in the relationship.

Wanting to Breakup

If you are always thinking about living your partner but you just don’t, it might be time to do so. Let go of things that don’t make you happy and move on.

Getting Over a Breakup

When you are in a relationship and you breakup with them, you need to learn how to get over it. Even if you have strong feelings for them still, this is normal, and you will need to move on so that you can get over the feelings.

You need to take time to heal after you breakup and this can be hard for you and your partner but give it time. Here are some things you can do to move forward:

Take Rest Time

Once you breakup with someone you need to take time to rest and let your heart heal. You owe yourself time to relax and let things go for a while.

No Contact

If you want to be broken up, then you need to have a no contact rule. Do not contact your ex or talk to them on text or social media.

Talk to Someone

Find people in your life that you can talk to and share your feelings with. If you feel broken, tell someone that loves you and let them help you.

Social Media

You might need a social media breakup after a relationship breakup so that you can be strong and healthy. Do not spy on your ex or find out what they are doing constantly.

Understand Your Situation

You have to understand why you broke up with your ex in the first place and remember these things. If things weren’t good, then you need to accept that and learn to move forward.

Accept Your Feelings

You will have good and bad days and you need to accept this and forgive yourself for that. Embrace your feelings and don’t suppress them.

Talk to Family

Talk to your mom or your sibling about what you are going through. Tell them how you feel and do not shut yourself out from people that love you.

Find someone you trust to talk to and don’t hide anything.

New Relationships

Do not get back into new relationships right away. Give yourself time to find out who you are and what you want. Fall in love with who you are and don’t date other people right away.

Love Yourself

Love yourself and treat yourself to nice things. Go out on dates and have fun. Go on vacation and buy yourself nice things.

Know Time Will Heal

Time will heal you and even though it can take a while, give yourself time to recover and time to heal.

Even if you are grieving, this will go as time goes past and you can learn to get over things faster by not suppressing your feelings and learn to embrace them.


Love is never easy and when you have to breakup with someone it doesn’t mean you can turn your feelings on and off. When you really love someone and you have to let them go, it can be very hard.

You have to learn to move on and let your life get back on track. Even though you are hurting, allow yourself time to heal and get over the breakup.

This doesn’t mean that you should be mean to your partner. Remember that you loved them and even though things are not good, you should respect how they feel. Be nice to them but do not go back to them or give them false hope.

It is not worth being in a relationship if you are unhappy and it is not fair for you or them.