Does She Want You? Find Out!

Does She Want You? Find Out!

It can be hard to know if a woman wants. Some women, of course, will just go right on and ask you but there are others that leave you wondering if they like you or not. You might be someone that wonders if she is into you or not.

Finding out the signs of a woman liking you can help you to decide if you should ask her out or if you should stay friends. There are many women that are just friendly while some are flirting. It is a lot easier to meet girls online so that you don’t have to wonder what they are feeling but if you are out with a group or a single person then you might wonder now how they are really feeling about you. You can notice how the woman interacts with you as starters and then you can look for other signs to see if she really is into you or not.

  • Body Language

The way that a body responds to a person says a lot about what they are feeling. If she is giving you a lot of attention and she looks you in the eyes and makes eye contact, or if she tends to be open to you with her arms in her lap and leaning in, chances are she likes you.

A person that folds their arms or seems guarded generally isn’t interested in the person that they are interacting with. Notice how she gets close to you to have a conversation; this can be a good sign that she likes you.

  • She Wants to Talk to You

When you get close to a woman and you start talking to her, if she decides to keep doing what she is doing, she might not like you. But, if she stops what she is doing and she interacts or even stands up to talk to you, she is probably interested in what you are saying.

When she is going past you and she says, “hi” quickly, she might not be so interested but if she takes time to talk to you when she is busy then chances are she likes you and you are worth her time.

  • Asking Questions

Women that are interested in you will ask a lot of questions. They well get past the small talk and they will ask you things about yourself and your life. She will take as much time as she can to learn about you and to find out who you are. She will ask you where you’re from and what you like. She will find things that bring interesting conversation.

A woman that shows that she is trying to talk to you and have conversation is a good sign for you and tells you that she wants to know more about you personally.

  • Getting Personal

Another thing a woman will do that is interested in you is that she will tell you personal things about herself. She will volunteer this information without you asking. She might do this by answering something you say but adding her own details and personal story so that she can talk to you more.

Telling a personal story means that she is open to knowing you and she doesn’t just want to talk business. Notice what kind of information she is sharing with you and what she mentions. This can show you what she likes and how she feels about you.

  • Do You Have Things in Common?

One sign that someone likes you is that they bring up things that you like to do that they like to do as well. When you tell her something, she will tell you that she knows what you are talking about, and she will be interested in the conversation by nodding and by asking more questions.

Whenever you talk to her and tell her stories, she tells you about the kinds of experiences she has had so that she can see if she connects with you. Maybe you will tell her about a fishing trip and so she goes on to tell you about all the fishing she has done.

These signs show that she wants to know you more and she wants you to see that you have things in common. This can be a way that you attract her. See if she gets excited when you talk about the same things.

  • She Wants You Included

If she puts in an effort to include you, this is a big sign that she likes you. She might touch the back of your arm or your leg when she talks to you. Notice if she is talking to other people and if she brings you into the conversation to make sure that you’re included.

A woman that wants to invite you to a lunch date with a group is one that wants to welcome you and get to know you better.

  • Her Friends Throw Out Signals

Sometimes her friends will give you signals that she is interested in you even if she isn’t. The opinion of her friends will always matter and most of the time someone will keep their friends cued in if they are interested in a guy.

Notice if a woman keeps bringing you up to her friends, then this can be a sign that she is interested in you. Her friends might make hints that she likes you because they know what she wants. If one of her friends ask if you’re single, this means she is probably asking for someone that is single.

  • Asking Your Friends

Not only will she tell her own friends about you but if she is asking your friends if you’re single or things about you then she wants to know you more. She will be trying to find out what you’re all about and what kind of people you like.

Sometimes someone will tell you if someone asks about you but not always and so if they mention her for no reason then this is a good sign that she has asked about you.

  • She Shows She Likes You

When a woman likes someone, she will show it. She will take time to be kind to you and she will do things that are thoughtful. She might bring you a coffee in the morning to work or she might order your drink for you when you are at a restaurant, and you go to the bathroom.

She might even do things at work like save seats for you at meeting or other things that show she is thinking about you.

  • Showing What Interests, Her

Another thing a woman will do when they’re interested in someone is they will bring up things that they are interested in to see how you respond. This is a way that they are opening the door for you to ask them out.

She might start talking about places that she has always wanted to go to or things that she has always wanted to do. Take this as a signal that she wants you to ask her out.

Final Thoughts

Once you know if a woman is thinking about you or if she is dropping hints that she is interested in you, ask her out. There are signs all around that will help you to see that she might want you to ask her out and that she is interested in you.

Drop her a text and invite her out for coffee. If you don’t see signs from her that she likes you, don’t worry about it and just ask her out anyways. The worse that can happen is that she can say no. Don’t let this deter you from making a move.