Does She Really Love You?

Does She Really Love You?

If you’ve been dating a girl for a while you might wonder if she really is in love with you. Even though she might show it here or there, you wonder if her love is real or not. One of the hardest things to face is having someone that you love not love you back.

Even worst than that is having someone pretending to love you so that they can manipulate you and get what you want. Find out if she really loves you or not!

  • She Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

One sign that someone doesn’t love you is that they don’t care about how you’re feeling. If your girl is doing that, chances are that she only wants you to meet her needs and she doesn’t really care about you. She might pretend that she loves you and cares about you so that she can get what she wants.

It will be harder to show her love to you when she has to actually support you, pay attention to this!

  • She Doesn’t Get Excited

When someone loves you and they see you they get excited to spend time with you. If she seems bored or she doesn’t get happy when she sees you then she probably doesn’t really love you. Sometimes though something else can be going on but if she doesn’t generally enjoy seeing you then she won’t make an effort to see you when she isn’t getting anything out of it.

  • She Doesn’t Show You Love

If you are with someone that doesn’t show you love or express that they love you, they probably don’t. Maybe she doesn’t think that you are good enough for her because if she did, she would tell you.

  • She Isn’t Interested in You

A woman that loves you will want to know about your life and about your day. She will be interested in what you have to tell her. If she never asks you questions about your life, then she might not really care much about you.

  • She Is Unappreciative

Maybe she takes you for granted and she expects that what you do for her is what you should be doing. Or maybe she doesn’t ever say thank you when you do things for her, she just expects it. This is someone that isn’t thankful for you and if she isn’t showing you appreciation then she probably doesn’t respect you.

  • She Shows No Affection

It is hard for a girl to keep her hands off of her man when she loves him. Women love to have and give affection and if she loves you then she will try to kiss you and hold you even when you’re in public. Maybe she is just pretending to love you and she doesn’t want to show you affection in case she finds someone else she is interested in while you’re out together.

  • She Only Likes You Physically

A girl that loves someone for their looks and doesn’t care about your personality doesn’t really love you for who you are. If she only loves him for his looks then she isn’t really in love but in lust. She might pretend to love you because she knows that it makes other men and women jealous, but she doesn’t really love who you are because she doesn’t love your emotional or mental connection.

  • She Isn’t Serious

If a girl wants you and is in love with you then she will want to talk about getting serious. She will be ready to settle down and have a real commitment to you. If she tells you that she loves you, but she is still keeping her options open then she isn’t in love with you.

  • She Isn’t Jealous

A girl that loves a guy will be jealous when he talks to other girls. If your girl is never jealous even when hot girls talk to you then she is probably faking her love for you.

  • She Doesn’t Talk About the Future

One sign that someone loves you is that they talk about the future with you. If she isn’t talking about having a future with you or if she isn’t working towards the same goals, then she probably doesn’t really love you.

  • She Doesn’t Show You Off to Her Friends and Family

Women that are in love can’t wait to show their man off to their family and friends. This is because she wants them to love you as much as she does. If she isn’t showing you off, then chances are she doesn’t want everyone to know you’re even together. When she doesn’t really love you then she will keep you hidden.

  • She Doesn’t Want to Date

A woman should want to go on dates with you and if she doesn’t then chances are that she doesn’t really love you. Maybe she just wants to spend time with someone, or she just wants to have sex, but she isn’t really in love.

  • She Only Talks and Doesn’t Listen

A lady that only talks about herself or doesn’t care about what her man says probably doesn’t really love him. If she isn’t listening to you then she doesn’t care what you have to say, and she won’t show real interest in you.

  • She Doesn’t Support You

Maybe your woman only wants your money or wants sex, and she doesn’t really care about supporting your emotions. She might just be pretending that she loves and cares about you so that you can meet her needs. You have needs too and you need someone that will encourage you and not be negative towards you.

  • She Doesn’t Care About Your People

A girl that pretends to love you won’t want to meet your family or your friends. She won’t put in any effort to know them or to spend time with them. She might go out and have fun with her friends and refuse to be around your family or friends. She might not want to have to pretend in front of someone else.

  • She Won’t Give You Space

When a woman loves a man, she will know that he needs time alone and he needs to have time to go out with his friends. If she doesn’t understand that he needs his time alone then she doesn’t respect him and she doesn’t love him enough.

  • She Isn’t Loyal

A woman that loves you should be loyal to you. She shouldn’t be out with other guys, and she shouldn’t be having sex with anyone else. When she really loves you, she will be loyal to you, and she will only want to be with you. You won’t be an option, but you will be a necessity to her.