When the Universe Sends You Love

Ready for Love

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world and many people rely on this in order to feel happy in their life. But if you are someone that is still waiting to find that special person, it can be hard to wait. There are signs that the universe is ready to send you love and that love is coming to your life soon.

The universe wants to give you what you want and wants you to be happy. The universe can send you signs that your heart is ready and that it is time to be open for love.

Here are some signs that you can know that the universe is about to send you some love:

  • Past Energies

One sign that you are ready for love is that you have moved forward from your past. You no longer hold on to emotional baggage and you have no attachments to the past people or things in your life. You are healed from broken hearts, and you are ready for something new.

  • You Are Ready for Love

Another sign is that you are ready for love. You are open to whatever love gives you and wherever it comes from. You are ready to handle a new relationship and you have done work on yourself to keep your heart healed and strong. The most important thing is that you want love, and you are focused on yourself and not being desperate.

  • Love Seems Positive

Once you are positive about love and you have cleared out all the negativity, you will be more likely to find love. Being positive about love is a major issue and you have to have this if you are going to have love to come to you.

Don’t think that love will never come or that love is painful, or this won’t be the right time for you. Feel good about love and trust in it and the right person will be sent to you.

  • Feeling Worthy

Some people don’t feel worthy of having love and it seems that they never find it. If you are accepting of yourself and you know that you deserve love, then it can come to you. Know that you are worthy of love and don’t feel like you have to offer things to get it.

  • You Trust the Universe

At this point you should know that the universe has your back. If you get signs that the universe is sending you love, trust the universe and don’t be in a big hurry.

  • You Are Happy Single

One sign that you will find love is that you are happy even being single. You don’t have a negative mindset about other people being in a relationship and you are happy with who you are and where you are in life.

  • You Love Life

Being calm and loving life and being happy is important to have before you ever find love. When you are happy no matter what is going on, love can find you. This can be a way to attract good energies to your life.

  • You Aren’t in a Rush

As you live your life you notice that you aren’t in a hurry to find love. This is a good sign that love is coming to you soon. Feeling rushed about love can make it take longer to get there.

  • You Have Good Relationships

You should be in good relationships with people around you and if you are then you are happy and stable. This means that when new relationships come, you are ready for them, and you are in control of your emotions.

  • It’s the Right Time

It has to be the right time for you to get love. Once the timing is right then you will see that the relationship will come. Don’t be rushed and trust that timing is right with the universe.

  • Angel Numbers

Some people will start to see angel numbers that repeat such as the numbers 111 or 333. These numbers can be a sign that love is on the way to you.

  • Coincidences

Another thing that might start happening is that coincidences come. This can be a sign from the universe. You might keep running into the same person that you are interested in, or you might meet a stranger that makes your heart flutter. These are often signs that the universe is ready to come to you with love.

  • You Notice Love

Maybe before you didn’t notice love around you and now you do. This can be high vibrations that are filling your area and your heart. You might see happy couples, birds in love and more. This can be a sign that love is coming to you soon.

  • Dreaming of Love

Another thing that might happen is that you keep dreaming of love and romance. Love can come to you in psychic dreams to prepare you for what is to come. The dream should feel like a sign and if it does, go with it.

  • Visions of Love

Some people will have real visions of love. They will be able to see into their future and even see the person that they are going to be with.

  • You Feel A Person is Close

Do you feel someone that is around you is close to you, and they might be your special someone? This can be energies that you can’t explain but you feel that they might be your future husband or wife. This can be a sign to be open to love.

  • Songs or Phrases

There will be some that will hear special songs or phrases that show that someone is about to come into your life. This can be something that you hear on the radio, or you might hear it in your mind. Take this as a sign of the universe.

  • Books Falling

There can be times when books will fall off the shelf so that you will pick them up and read them. This can be a sign from the universe that you need to know that love is on the way. Read the article or the book where it opens and see if it gives you a message.

  • You Feel Your Future Love

You might feel that your future love is close to you, and you might even feel their body heat by you. This sounds strange but it is a way that the universe can connect with you.

  • Talking to a Psychic

Talk to a psychic and see if they confirm that love is coming. Since they are connected to the universe, they can give you advice and information on this.

  • You Feel Peace

You have had past relationships and even if they were hard, you feel peaceful about them. This is a sign that your heart has healed, and you are ready for love again.

  • You Are Ready for Something New

You might be ready for something new and if you are then you will see that you can be ready for growth, and you will be ready to receive love.

  • You Are On the Right Track

Once everything starts happening and you feel that you are on the right track in life, this can be a sign that the universe is on your side and that love is coming.

  • You Feel Light

You might feel light in your spirit and know that something is coming to you. This can be a sign that the universe is preparing you for something new, like love. Be inspired.

  • You Just Know It’s Time

You will know that it is time, and that the universe is ready to bring you love. Open your heart and mind to love and let yourself know it is time.

Final Thoughts

If you wonder if the universe is on your side, it is. It can send you signs that love is on the way to you. This can help you see things clearly and know that it is time to move towards something new.