How to Handle Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

When you love someone, it can bring you both happiness and sadness. You will never know who you are going to fall in love with and when you get to the point of wondering if they love you then chances are you want to be in a relationship. Everyone wants to be loved by someone that loves them back.

Sometimes though, you might not get the love that you want in your life. Having someone to not love you back can leave you feeling rejected and even depressed. How do you know if someone doesn’t love you back and if they don’t, how do you deal with that?

Unrequited Love

Unrequited love is love that is only one sided and that means that if you love someone, they don’t love you back. This is romantic love, and this can make the person unloved to feel rejected.

You could be the person who loves someone that doesn’t love you back, but you still have to have the courage to tell them how you feel.

If you are getting mixed signals by someone that you like, you have to find out if they love you back or not.

Signs of Unreturned Love

Unrequited love is not hard to see form someone. The signs are not always right in your face, but you can see how someone feels. Here are some things that they might feel if they don’t love you back:

  • You might be someone that is always giving to them and you will see that they will call you when they need something, but they don’t give first.
  • They can ignore you easily such as your text messages or your calls. When you try to get them, they get mad that you are snooping on them.
  • You are the only one that texts first, and they don’t take the time to see you as important. Each day that you talk to them it seems that you are not getting anything out of it.
  • If they don’t want to be seen with you when you are in public or they don’t talk to their friends about who you are.
  • You might be afraid that you are going to see them walk away from you and you become clingy.
  • They don’t want you to touch them or to hold your hand.
  • They will not tell you, their secrets. They have secrets that they tell other people, and they keep their phones locked.
  • Your friends tell you that they don’t love you back, but you refuse to see the truth about it.
  • They don’t care about how you feel or if you get your feelings hurt. They only care about their own happiness.

Having intuition is there so that you can know if you are meant to be in relationships or not. Listen to your intuition and you can know if you are with the wrong person or the right one.

Why Do People Love Someone That Doesn’t Love Them Back?

There are many reasons that people will stay with someone that doesn’t like them back such as:

  • They love them too much and they think if they keep loving them, they will love them back.
  • Their family relationships from childhood taught them that someone that ignores them is someone that loves them.
  • You might be attached to them and have a hard time walking away.
  • You have low self-esteem, and you don’t feel like you are strong enough to find someone else to love you.
  • Chances are that you ignore the reality of the situation.
  • You misinterpret the way that they look at you or the things that they do that are just being friendly and you think it is love.

Loving someone that doesn’t love you back can be hurtful. You will have strong feelings and when you realize that these feelings aren’t yours, you will see that you need to let them go.

Once you let your feelings go, you can decide if you are going to be with that person or if you are going to move on.

Remember that love is a gift and if you have someone that doesn’t love you back, move on and find happiness in your life.

Dealing with Unrequited Love

You might love someone that you met, or you might have a crush on someone and if they don’t love you back, it can cause you hurt or pain. Here are ways to deal with that:

Why Did You Love Them?

Find out what made you attracted to them and what made you love them. Figure out the reasons and find out if you really love who they are or the situation.

They Are Not for You

You have to accept that they are not the person meant for you. If you do, you can let yourself find someone else that will love you.


You have to make sure that you do not let things get negative. Think good thoughts and do not let bitterness settle in.

If the person doesn’t love you back, stop going after them. Never give them signals that you love them or lead them on.


Always have boundaries. Do not run to them when they call you and stop always being available to them. Give yourself distance and allow yourself to be with other people that want to be around you.

Give Yourself Time to Feel Better

Unrequited love can cause you to have pain and can cause you to be frustrated. Do not hide these feelings and do not let negativity hold you down. If you want to cry, do it.

Make sure that you give yourself time to work through your feelings and do not blame yourself that you cannot win them over.

Distract Yourself

If you find that you cannot stop thinking about them, find hobbies that give you something else to do. Be confident that you will be fine without them in your life.

Meet New People

Go out and expand your social circle. Find new people that you want to hang out with and make new relationships. You might meet someone that you love more than the other person.

Give Yourself Time

Take time to get over the love that you had for that person. You will not just wake up and be over someone but if you give yourself time, you will see that you will move forward and you will get over them eventually.

Love Who You Are

Love yourself and know that you are worthy of having love. Be positive with yourself and learn to relax and take time to take care of you and who you are.

Meditate and take a class, be the best that you can be.

Know Who You Want

Having a relationship is not about chasing someone down. If you are with someone that you love and they love you back, you will see that your life can be so much better. Get what you want from your relationship.


Loving someone is amazing and can be a great thing but if you find that someone is not loving you back, it can be painful. Do not waste your time waiting for someone to come along and love you but focus on being the best that you can be, and you will meet the perfect person for you.