Making Sure to Avoid Heartbreak in Your Life

Avoid Heartbreak in Your Life

Sometimes people stop dating because they have dealt with people in their past and they no longer have trust. They believe that they will never be happy and so they stop trying.

The problem with having this kind of thinking is that when we choose to not put ourselves out there then we make it impossible to meet someone that will be perfect in our lives.

We become defensive and we try to avoid getting our heart broken. When this happens, we have to learn to look inside, and we have to change our life and learn to face challenges. Here are some ways that you can move forward and avoid heartbreak:

Understand Your Brain

The first thing that you have to understand is that your brain chemistry has to do with your emotions and then this is what affects how strong your bond is when you are dating someone.

Once you can understand your brain chemistry, you can learn to work through things in your life. You might enjoy the feelings that you have. You must learn to follow your heart, but you also need to think things through at the same time.

Building a Foundation

Think about the difference between floating and being an anchor. When something happens to you and hard things happen, you have to see how you will face through it.

When a storm comes, you have to learn to be able to fight through it. When your life is dependent on others, you will see that it is harder to deal with things when something goes wrong. You have to learn to build a foundation and be able to be independent before you get into a relationship.

You have to have a chance to grow as life goes forward or you take a chance to mess with your emotions and to put your trust in people without trusting yourself.

Not all relationships are going to work out and breaking up with someone often leaves you feeling sad and confused but if you have a good foundation and you are independent, you will still have pain, but you will be able to adjust through it.

Embrace Your Feelings

Too many people choose to hide their feelings because they think it makes them courageous. We have learned growing up or in society that when we are strong that it means we don’t care about others. The truth is, when you pretend you have no feelings or emotions, you also lose your compassion and love.

You need to allow yourself to feel sadness or give yourself time to be upset. These challenges will come to everyone here and there and you have to learn to face them.

Facing your emotions will help you to get up and to be able to move forward. It will help you to develop who you are.

Be Honest

Sometimes people go into a relationship thinking that it isn’t a good idea, but they do it anyways. People will often ignore the red flags that people show them, and they think that it is easier to avoid them and ignore them than to be alone.

Even small things can ruin a relationship and when things build up, this can cause there to be a lot of pain and hurt along the way.

Don’t get in a relationship just so that you don’t have to be alone. People can be happy when they are single. Being in a relationship does not mean you are going to be happy. Learn to fulfill your life and to be happy with yourself.

If you see things aren’t good at the beginning of the relationship, stop wasting your time with them and move on.

Keep the Perspective

Most people have been through more than one breakup and the pain that they have is something that is familiar. You must learn to work through hard times.

If you have been with someone and you clicked with them, you will see that they are part of your life, but this can end. You will always be adding new people to your circle.

We forget that we can love other people and that we can move forward because we have allowed ourselves to get lost in the pain and the hurt and other emotions. A relationship might come to an end, but you can still find happiness in your life.


Learn to be strong in your life and learn to appreciate when things are going well. Find balance in your life and learn that the decisions that you make today will affect your tomorrow.

Your brain will help you to work through your relationships and it will help you to find happiness in your life. Stop spending time being stuck in what happiness should be and learn to help yourself to deal with the disappointments in your life.

Life is full of circumstances and when you go through a storm, learn to work through it so that you can find happiness and so that you can be strong.