Being Destined to Be Together

Being Destined to Be Together

People wonder what their fate is in life and some believe that there is true destiny and that some things are destined to happen while others are not.  They believe that all of their experiences were predestined and that it is all a part of fate.  Some people do not believe in fate and they have no faith in fate.  This is how many people are divided.

Some people believe that life just happens in events and that we have decided what happens based on our fate and others believe that fate is what we do in our lives to make our fate happen.  If there is a destiny then chance will help decide and this can twist based on different things.  Some think that life is what we make it to be and others believe that no matter what we do, there are things that are going to happen out of our control.

When people fall in love, they either feel that the love was meant to be or they feel that it happened because their heart showed so much love and made it a destiny.  They will turn their life into destiny by their actions.

When we love at love, it can make us feel that we are destined to be alone and we will hold on to a situation that we have to let go of.  We think that we could have done something different or that we caused things to fail.

Sometimes, we have to learn to let someone go and know that no matter how much we want this to work out that it just will not.

When someone walks away from us that we love, no matter what we do, we wonder what to blame it on and we want to find a real reason to blame someone or something.   Others believe this was written in the stars and is part of their destiny, so they learn to move on easier.

When your heart loves someone, you will never feel that love should be taken from you and that if it ends that love will ever come back to you.

Sometimes, people will go back to the person that they broke up with and life will take a different turn.  These seem strange and huge but the universe is strange and huge.  There are desires that the universe will have that will bring you closer to your dreams and your ideas.  When you meet them, you need to embrace it and love it.

When two people really love each other, they will turn their destiny around because that is how much power that love holds.

The decisions that people make will allow there to be changes in their life. If they love and they have no void because they have love, they will not be guarded by anything.  This will make the person want to try hard to make the relationship work.

Fate will lead people to where they want to be in their soul and will help them to go places they want to go.

Since there is always something or some event that we cannot control, we might not ever get what we are looking for in life.

There are some people that spend their whole lives looking to fill a hole because someone is not in their life.  When we really love someone, we realize that love is like a shadow that follows us wherever we go and it never really leaves us.  That person will be with us forever.  There is something that we have to learn to live with and not everyone is lucky enough to find this kind of love.  Instead, many people just live in absence and live in darkness.

Whatever we decide in our life, one thing will stay the same and that is that love can chain you to other people.  Things might or might not go like you plan them but when someone loves you, it stays the same.