Rebound Relationships

Rebound Relationships

Going through a breakup can be heard, especially if you have been with the person for a long time.  This can leave you feeling like you are unlovable and that you are not able to have love in your life.

Most relationships end with a rebound after the first few months of the breakup.  A rebound relationship can be unhealthy while some can actually work out for the best for someone.

The Reason

The reason for a rebound relationship is that it serves a mental purpose.  It allows people that have a broken heart o heal faster and to get over their ex-partner.  It helps people to move on and to not feel lonely.

People that get right into a rebound are happier and they are able to move on faster and be more confident.

What Does a Rebound Relationship Do?

A rebound relationship can:

  • Help people to detach.
  • Get rid of anxiety.
  • Help you to get over your ex.
  • Help someone to move on with their life.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Improve well-being.
  • Give intimacy with someone.
  • Allow someone to heal.
  • Prevents unhealthy ex meetings.
  • Makes things work when they don’t want to be alone.
  • Gives friendship.
  • Shields them from loneliness.
  • Helps someone move on.

What Does a Rebound Relationship Look Like?

A rebound relationship is when you hook up with someone after your relationship comes to an end.  This can happen when you get with someone right after a breakup and you decide that you are moving on.

The truth is that you are not really moving on, but you are just trying to recover from a heart break.

Making Someone Jealous

If you see someone getting into a relationship fast, this could be to make their ex-partner to get jealous.  This could be someone to show off.

Casual Dating

When you break up from someone that you dated a long time, it can leave you feeling lonely.  A person like this will likely want to date someone where there are no strings.  They will get into a relationship just to have something to do.


If you are in a rebound relationship, you need to be honest with your new partner.  Let them know what happened with your other relationship and let them know that you are on the rebound.

It is better to be honest than to be bitter or to hurt someone else.  Be open and honest about how you feel about them.

Don’t Know Them

You will probably not know your current partner that well because it did not have enough time to grow.  See if you can get to know them and give yourself time to find out who they are.

Do They Work?

Rebound relationships barely work out but this is because they are formed on situations where there is heartbreak.

The relationship that has come to a head does not have to end but if it does it can open up old wounds and make new ones.  You might be unhappy with your partner long before you choose to end it.

You might want to end the relationship but feel bad because you used them to make you happy.

How Can It Work?

A rebound relationship can work if:

  • You are honest with them about your recent breakup.
  • You show that your past relationship is over.
  • You go right into the new relationship.
  • You let things end on good terms.
  • If you are the one that ended the past relationship.

When Will It Not Work?

A rebound relationship will not work if it is not handled in a healthy way.  There is always a risk of getting too emotional invested in something because of a past relationship and those feelings that are left over.

A rebound relationship might end bad if:

  • One partner gets treated badly because of another partner in the past.
  • The relationship is based on fear.
  • The relationship is rushed.
  • There is not enough time for self-reflection.
  • You are not being honest.
  • You get into a relationship with baggage.


If you want to get into a rebound relationship, know your expectations and take things slow.

Make sure that you are honest with your reasoning for the relationship and that you are not in it to help you move on.

Make sure you cut off all things with your ex and avoid their communication and do not hook up with them.  Make sure you have a purpose for your new relationship from the beginning so it can work out.