Signs Your Friend Likes You in a Romantic Way

Signs Your Friend Likes You in a Romantic Way

Even though it is not a common thought, men and women can be best friends. But the other thing that can happen is that one or the other can begin to have romantic feelings for the other person and it can become something bigger.

Whenever you get to the point that you believe that your male friend is getting feelings for you, or if you are wondering if you are just imagining things, it can be dangerous to go from the friend zone to the romantic zone.

This will be a person that knows every secret that you have, both the good and the bad. Is it possible that you are catching a different vibe from them?

One other thing that can make things hard is that you will both have mutual friends. Those friendships could be affected by a relationship that goes further.

If you believe that your best male friend likes you, the way to figure it out is to flirt back to see where things go, but make sure that you are not making things up in your mind.

Each friendship is different, and people all have different relationships with others but here are some signs that can let you know if they want to be romantically involved with you.


When your male friend wants to be close to you or he acts like he is attracted to you, it can be a sign that he is into you more than just a friend.

This guy will not want to touch you in an inappropriate way, but they will just want to be close to you all the time and make some kind of physical contact.

Whatever you are with this person, he will want to always stand by you or sit by you and when he talks to you, he will touch you. He will get close to you anytime he can.


Eyes can tell you a lot of a person and if your friend has a deeper feeling for you, he will show how much he likes you because of how he looks at you. He might not be able to talk to you because he is afraid that you will not have the same feelings.

No matter if he tells you what he is feeling or not, his eyes will show you and they will always make contact with you or he will look away when you talk to him because he is afraid that you will be able to read his feelings.

He might also try to make eye contact with you for a long time and when he looks deep in your eyes, it is a sign he likes you.


A man that is in love will always be there to protect you. This happens even if you have a male best friend. He will always be on your side and will want to show off his masculinity to you and have an urge to protect you no matter what is going on.

He doesn’t think like this to make you feel bad but because he just wants to protect you and if someone hurts you then he will be there to take care of you.


When you have a guy that is emotionally attached to you, he will work towards making your needs important. He will not be selfish, and he will always want to take care of you.

He will make sure that you are okay, and he will take care of you if you are feeling hungry or if you need to take a nap. He will make sure you are comfortable, and he will try to please you.


Not all guys will listen so if you have a male friend that is always listening and taking things as important then you should consider that he might be in love with you.

A guy that really listens to you is interested in you and will be willing to listen to your girl problems and other things that he is not interested in.


When a guy is more than a friend with you, he will try to communicate with you and initiate contact with you. He will text you before you go to bed and when you get up and he will always want to know how good your day was.

He will always keep in touch with you and keep up with your needs. Another reason he wants to become part of your life is because he wants to be with you and so he will call you or make excuses to see you no matter what.

Opening Up

A guy is normally private and if you have one that will open up to you then chances are that he likes you more than you know.

He will mention things that are bothering him or things that he thinks are important and he will make sure that people are treating you well.

He will always care about what you think about things and will want your advice. He might not have it easy to open up to you and this is a sign that you are important if he does.

Love Life

No matter if your male friend is in love with you, you might see a sign that he is by him sharing his feelings. If he opens up to you about everything from his friends to his family and even his sex life, chances are he wants to have a serious relationship.

He probably has deep love for you and cannot imagine himself with anyone else.

If he seeks dating advice from you or if he refuses to talk to you about his love life, it could be because he is in love with you. He doesn’t want to be obvious and he might be afraid about how you will react.

If he talks about another girl, he might hope that you are jealous acting or that you are afraid of losing him. If he won’t talk about a girl he is seeing or if he is afraid to talk to you about his love life, it could be because he likes you.

Your Love Life

If a guy asks you about your love life, he might be wanting to see what you are interested in. He might want to be romantic with you and he might want to be more than friends.

A guy that is in love with you will want to have details about who you have dated. He wants to see if you have a potential to be together and if you are interested in him at all.

If you break up with someone, he will be there to comfort you and he will be happy that you broke up. He won’t want to see you suffer and he won’t want you to feel bad about who you are. He will tell you how much he thinks you deserve, and he will be jealous of other guys that you date.

He knows that he has no right to be jealous of you, but he cannot help it.

Remembers Things

Most men do not remember hardly anything, nor do they care to try. A guy that is interested in you will remember all the good things that you go through and will work hard to make you feel special when things are important to you.

He will connect himself to your great days and he will help you to know that he knows about you. He won’t do anything to make you feel that he is creepy, he will just help to take care of you and will remember things such as your favorite actor or movie and how you like your popcorn.

Helping You

Friends are there to help you with things and your best guy friend is no exception. He will be there to put in extra effort to help you do things. If he does this, chance is he wants to be more than a friend.

He will be there to do all the things that ta boyfriend will do such as help you move out of your house, do small chores in your house, fix things that need fix and even run errands for you.

If your tire is flat, he will come and fix it. If your male friend tries to fix everything in your life, there is a chance that he wants to be more than a friend.

Do not let his kindness give you false hope because you need to make sure that he likes you before you make a move.


Besides your best guy friend always helping you, he will be there to comfort you when you are sad. He is never too busy to help you through your problems or to listen when you need to talk to him. He will be a person that you can lean on and a shoulder to cry on.

He will hold on to you and give you advice if you want him to. When you call him, he will stop what he is doing to be there with you.

A real friend will be by your side when things are good and someone that likes you will even go more than that and will never leave your side. He will be very supportive of you.

Treat You Like Friends

One of the biggest signs is that he will treat you differently than other friends. He will want to spend times in big groups, but he will mostly want to spend time with you.

If you call you, he will spend time talking to you and he will always sit by you when everyone is around talking. When someone tells a joke, he will see if you laugh before he does, and he will show the body language that he wants to show you attention.

Even though this could be that you two are friends, it could be his excuse that he wants to be close to you.

When people joke about you being a couple, it could be because he has feelings and he has been talking about them. When this happens, he might smile, and it won’t bother him.

He will enjoy hearing it because he has feelings for you more than just being friends.