Ways of making your best friend get attracted to you

Ways of making your best friend get attracted to you

It’s normal to fall in love with your best friend. You have experienced that therefore, you would like to know what you need to do to make her fall in love with you. You are already done with the hardest part, that’s the good news.

The hard work is accomplished

The hardest things to do when you’re trying to convince a girl to fall in love with you is creating that connection that’s emotional, trust and safety.  You are best friends because you’ve already accomplished this. What you now need to do is to transform the look of your relationship from that person she trusted to someone she can be passionate about.

Put boundaries

You need to set boundaries if you want her to return the favor. This means that you should be unavailable for her emotional requirements. For example, if whenever she has a problem with her love life and always come to you complaining, you need to put up a boundary that stops that.


This is the only way you’ll change the direction of your relationship. Below are things you can do:

  • Make it light. Flirting is all about being playful. Make her happy, let her laugh and have fun. Do not wait for her approval. Just know it’s a game and games are supposed to be fun.
  • Go with the flow. Once you’ve started flirting and joking, she will make jokes to see your reaction. If she does this, then it means she’s interested in you. Just go with the flow.

Leave her to want more

This is the best tool to make her fall for you.  Here is how you can do that.

  • Do things that will not make you spend a long time together.
  • Inform her that you like having fun with her but don’t tell her always. Tell her you have fallen for her due to reasons that are not part of her appearance.
  • Dramatically touch increases intimacy. The safer places you can touch are her shoulders, forearms and upper back. Touching her is a plus. It gives her permission to touching you.

If you put those three things together, she will spend a lot of time missing you when you are not around.

Work on your confidence

The reality is, confidence is the sexiest thing that a woman values. If you want to make your best friend fall for you, you need to work on your confidence. Here are ways you can build your confidence:

  • Better body language. This will make you more confident. A mile and do a lot of body checks for the better part of the day. This will make so much difference and you’ll be amazed.
  • Talk to women often. When you have free time, just go out and talk to women. It does not matter where even clubs. The reason why you’re doing this is to avoid being rattled. Talk to them without trying to pick them up. But rather just get used to being around them.
  • Act as if. The other meaning of this is “fake it until you make it.” This works and has been proven scientifically. Look around you and see how confident men act if you want to be confident. Just pretend that you’ve accomplished your goal already. This will bring you closer to accomplishing it.
  • Quite a number of guys are not confident due to the fact that they don’t work out. Therefore, if you don’t exercise frequently you better start. It is good for you as well as making you feel better.
  • Treat yourself. You need to get new threads if you want to feel confident.