How to make him get attracted to you and not look desperate

How to make him get attracted to you and not look desperate

When we get attracted to someone, we always want them to feel how we feel. We then want them to pay more attention to us, we frequently do this by playing petty games. We believe that this will make them get attracted to us. One of the disadvantages of this game playing is that; you are the one who ends up doing all the work. This whole thing usually is an indication of how desperate you are and is very unattractive.

You need to be truly unavailable if you want a genuine guy to pursue you. This means you need to live a solo happy life and that your life won’t have to depend on another person. Then if that random guy wants you, he’ll have a hard time and will have to put much effort. In the end, after building that life you’re proud of, there will be many men who will want to be a part of it.

Below are ways you can make him get attracted to you without looking desperate:

  1. Have self-confidence

This doesn’t necessarily mean bragging about things all over social media. Bragging chase potential guys away. This is due to the fact that confidence is all about how you feel about yourself, regardless of reality and not something external. Real confidence is all about how you feel about yourself and not things.

  1. Do not rush

Make a guy work his ass off to get you. He has to put in the effort. Do not rush to take your time since intimacy is something to value. Let him feel the love but do not give in immediately. Just do this and you’ll see him pursuing you.

  1. Value your time and always be busy

In the current world, it’s hard to find someone who is not busy. Let your day be filled with essential activities and people who always make you happy. Engaging in such things is an indication that time and growth are very important to you. You shouldn’t waste time on people who don’t help you with anything. Time is very precious.

  1. Never approach him first in public

We are always not sure what to do when we see a guy we like in public. We might be tempted to go and say hello, but then again this might look desperate. What you need to do is to take note of point number one. Enjoy yourself like you didn’t see him, trust me, he will come and say ‘hi’ this will be an indication that he is into you and not the other way round. Before you know it, he will be pursuing you.

  1. Don’t put up with bad behavior

Cut a guy off if he does something to push you away. This is because you are just okay the way you are and not having him around won’t change anything. Show him that you will always speak up when something’s wrong. This is an indication that you respect yourself and your beliefs. This will make guys pursue you, they want a woman who will always be keeping them on toes.

  1. Do not show too much skin

Nothing shows that you are desperate more than showing your skin. I am not saying that you shouldn’t show your skin, but too much show off shows that you are desperate. Always keep your dressing simple and polished. Do not also apply too much makeup. Men value women who can be confident in their own skin. If you do that, he will always be pursuing you.

  1. Tease him a little

Do not fear to flirt with a guy. Let him know that you are aware of what you got and what he got too. You can always take a little teasing back since I believe you are a smart and tough girl. Guys will fall into that trap.

  1. Do not be into social media so much

We are in an ever moving world where we spend a lot of time on our phones. But there something interesting that usually happens when you’re not paying attention to all those. You instantly stand out from the crowd. You need to use social media to your own advantage, that’s the secret. But do not overdo it.

  1. Be independent

This means just relying on your own judgment to make your own decisions. This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t need help from others. There are times that you will have to ask for help.  A guy will be all over you when he realizes that you don’t need him. The most beautiful thing is having confidence and trust in yourself. This will make a guy want to trust you too.

  1. Only give as much as he gives

Know that spoiling someone makes them more comfortable and taking you for granted. Do not forget to value the things you work for. Therefore, let guys work for your attention and energy. Do not give time and attention for free. Command them. Guys will immediately get attracted to you.