Stop Chasing Men

Stop Chasing Men

Sometimes when we meet someone, we think that we should chase them.  The truth is that women should never chase a man and even if you feel that you cannot resist showing them your love and even if you want to make the first move, you shouldn’t.

Not Interested

If you have the need to pursue a man, chances are that he really doesn’t like you.  It is hard to accept the truth sometime, but you need to be direct with yourself.  Say to them “I like you,” and if they like you back then they will tell you.  Don’t waste your time running after someone that doesn’t want to be with you.


If you manage to catch a guy that you are chasing, chances are that he will take advantage of you and will treat you like junk because he knows you will always be after him.  He might not treat you like junk, but the relationship could end up one sided.


We all need to love ourselves more and it is hard when you are chasing a guy.  Try to not lose confidence in yourself and find someone that is fun to hang out with and sees you the way that you see them.  Don’t let your ego suffer because of a guy you have to chase.

All About You

When you are chasing someone, you forget to care about yourself.  You will sacrifice things in your life so that you will be after a man that may or may not like you.  He might not do anything in return for you.

Lose Yourself

When you become focused on someone else, you lose your own happiness.  You might lose your sense of independence and not feel that you are a strong woman.  Back off and see what happens.

Strong Emotions

It can get stressful when you are trying to chase someone, and it can cause you to have bad emotions.  You will be doing things that will not make you happy and it can be a rollercoaster for you.

His Ego

When he doesn’t give you reasons to think that he likes you and you are chasing him, you are stroking his ego and he doesn’t deserve it.  You are only making yourself look bad and causing yourself to be embarrassed.  Don’t put yourself through this and take away the extra stress in your life.