Protecting Yourself from Power Plays

Protecting Yourself from Power Plays

Power dynamics happens to people of all ages. When this happens, you have to learn to control your feelings and your emotions. Power dynamics usually come when someone says something in the moment, and they use things such as emotional blackmail to make you do what they want you to do.

Power dynamics can happen from toddler when they say they will no longer love you if you make them go to bed or do not let them play with their favorite toy, or it can even happen from someone that you are dating. The rules are different when a toddler does this and then when it happens in your adult relationship or marriage.

It is hard sometimes to figure out what is going on when you have a partner that uses power dynamics. You might wonder why they are not talking to you or why they are being passive aggressive or giving you the silent treatment. You might wonder if they are blaming you for something or if they are just not facing something in their life.

This kind of relationship can confuse you and make you feel that you are dealing with someone that does not want to be with you or someone that is possibly abusive.

Tips of Power Dynamics in Relationships

If you have thought about power dynamics, you will see that there is power play that might happen to you. You can tell that you are facing power play and if you know the signs, you will not excuse the behavior but you will learn to stand up for yourself from those that are mistreating you.


You have to learn to stand up for who you are because you are valuable. You must remind yourself of the values that you have and know that you are worth having a good and happy life.

Remember that you need to speak the truth to yourself and you need to set up boundaries for your relationships and know what is acceptable and what is not.

Being in a long-distance relationship and having to deal with power plays can be a hard situation. When this happens, your partner is not treating you the way that you deserve, and they are not treating you with honor or value. When they act this way, they will not be able to have a healthy and good relationship.

Walking Away

Learn to walk away if you are dating someone that is mistreating you. Never stay in a relationship when someone has no respect for you. Never stay in a relationship because you do not want to be by yourself because you are strong, and you can live alone. You will survive by yourself better than being in a bad or abusive relationship.

Stand Up

When you spot this situation in your relationship, do not let it repeat itself. Stand up for yourself and if it happens again or becomes a pattern, end the relationship and move forward.

Speak up for yourself and let your partner know that you do not like how they make you feel. Be honest with them and tell them what you are feeling inside. If you feel insecure when you have this conversation, let your partner know that you need the conversation to go well and you need them to listen and to be honest and open.


People will sometimes not say what they are thinking because they are afraid of how their partner will react. You have to say what you are feeling and let them know what you are needing.

When you censor yourself and you stop yourself from saying what you need to say because you are afraid, say it anyways. Saying what you need to say can make you feel uncomfortable, but this can help you to build a healthier relationship and work towards intimacy.

If what you say to them makes them mad, learn to handle the conflict.


Make sure that you stay focused in your discussion with your partner. They might try to blame you for things and when they blame you, make sure that you tell them what is true and do not allow them to take you off track of the conversation.

If you have to defend yourself, do so. Arguing about something different is one thing those in power play do. Protect yourself form this and agree to discuss other things after you finish talking about what you needed to talk about first.

Stay calm and collected and stay on the important issue at hand.


Dealing with someone in this situation is never easy. This can cause you to be upset and hurt your feelings. You might be afraid of hurting your partner as well and if you care about someone then you will be brave to make them treat you the right way.

You can stand up in your relationship and this will help you to be stronger and to have a better relationship. They will respect you for being honest with them, at least later.

If you choose not to speak up and you allow someone to power play you, you will be in a relationship that is unhealthy and terrible but if you stop this behavior, chances are you can have a strong and intimate relationship with your partner.