Opening Up to Find Your Soulmate

Opening Up to Find Your Soulmate

Energy is in everything and in you too. Your energy can affect your dating and your future in love, so it’s time to make sure it is open to new possibilities! Allowing for an open heart will increase your chances at finding your soulmate.

Below are six ways you can open up your energy and improve your love life:

  1. Get past negative dating history. You can get bogged down when several dates leave you with bad experiences. The thing to realize is you aren’t going to hit it off with everyone. Some you will like more than others and some will be just plain awful. Shake it off and realize it doesn’t reflect on you.
  2. Get over a break up. This can take some time and even more effort. One guy said he went on a date and was completely turned off when all the woman did was talk about her last boyfriend. Don’t let your ex continue to affect your life! The grief process in losing a relationship is similar to any type of grief. You experience pain, get angry process what happened, figure out why it happened, and eventually accept it. Take the time you need to go through the process before getting back out there.
  3. Love your positive attributes. There are some truths about you that you know, in spite of what others may do or say. Hang onto that. Maybe you should even write them down to remind yourself when you feel down.

You should also write down your positive attributes to build your self confidence. This can be things you know or what others tell you. This can be a real energy boost if you have a bad dating experience.

  1. Be mindful in your dating. There are going to be dates that don’t work out, but this is normal. Don’t get distracted by this. You should put more attention on the characteristics you are looking for in a soul mate. Don’t treat it like a die-hard checklist, but compare your impressions of your date to your priorities you long for in a soul mate.

Pay attention to your intuition. Your gut feeling may be trying to warn you. Some people dismiss these feelings and try to override them for the sake of having a relationship. Instead, understand your feelings are there to guide you. Use experiences to bring you clarity as to what you want. that helps you get closer to finding your soulmate.

  1. Discover your heart’s desire. Knowing what you long for can be empowering. Believing you deserve it is even more empowering. Write down what you really want in love, dating and a life-long partner. Ask yourself what kind of life do you want with this person. Being true to yourself will keep you on the path to finding them.
  2. Open your energy. Some people are confused as to what this means. Basically, it means to live in the moment and be open to new experiences. It also means to reduce anxiety and doubt that pull you down with distraction techniques. You can clean the house, go for a walk or play with a pet to get your mind off your worries and doubts. By distracting yourself from negative energy, you are opening yourself up to the world, promoting relaxation in your life and allowing for more peace.

Doing these simple things will make your life better regardless of when you meet your soulmate. They will add to your quality of life as well as increase the odds of you finding someone you can be with for a lifetime.