Attracting Someone Out of Your League is Possible

Attracting Someone Out of Your League is Possible

It is possible to attract someone you feel is out of your league and we are here to tell you how.

The first step is to stop thinking someone is out of your league or you have already ruined a potential relationship. There will always be people you feel inferior to, but the attraction game is not about others. In psychology, it has been found that those who are attractive are also attracted to those who score similar to or higher than themselves. Put into better terms, you must let the person believe that you are as good as they are or even better to be seen as attractive. If you believe the person is out of your league, you are sending the wrong message.

So, the first step is to stop believing that someone, anyone, is out of your league.

Steps to Attracting Someone

Once you have changed your mindset, there are steps to take to get someone’s attention.

They are Human

No matter who you are trying to attract, regardless of their ability to use their resources to hide it, they are human. All humans have insecurities, weaknesses, and fears that come with being human, just like you.

Status is about Perception

Perception is subjective. You can make people believe you are wealthy or extremely beautiful if you control their perception. Use mystery to your favor, only revealing small pieces of the puzzle that is you at a time. This tempts the other person to build a perception of you and they can fill in what they most desire. If you only give away small pieces, curiosity on the other person’s behalf will have them asking for more and getting to know you better. This leaves you in control.

Use Common Friends

Common friends can help you build the perception you wish to share with someone. Use friends to help you appear to be better than or equal to the person you are trying to attract or make them feel you are out of their league. By connecting through common friends, the other person will believe you like them even more.

Don’t Be Overly Kind

If you still believe someone is out of your league then the person will behave as if they are and use resources to their advantage. Do not think that by being overly nice you will gain attention, you will just take on the role of another fangirl. However, you should also not come across as arrogant or you may damage the guy’s ego and he will avoid you completely. Choose an approach that is in between total fan and arrogance.

Final Thoughts

Attraction is about perception, plain and simple. If managed appropriately, a person who you think is out of your league can begin to find you someone to admire. This comes down to mindset because a mindset can affect the way you carry yourself and your actions. How you perceive the other person will affect how you behave.