How Your Mind Deceives You

How Your Mind Deceives You

When you have a broken heart, your mind will keep reminding you of the pain that you have.  Your emotions will cause you a lot of heartbreak and nothing else will matter.  It is hard to function and hard to recover when we feel that our world is shattered around us and our heart is broken.

We just want the paint to go away and to stop hurting but our mind wants something different.  Even though it is our heart that is broken it is our mind that deceives us and makes things harder.  We need to know not to trust our mind when we have just broken up with someone we love.

Not Trusting Your Mind

You have to accept that you broke up with someone and that you spend a lot of time thinking about your heart being broken.  You have to slowly get them out of your thoughts.

The mind wants you to do the opposite and to keep the pain in your heart.  Your mind wants you to not forget what they did to you.  Your mind is meant to protect you but sometimes all it does is to remind you of your pain and how hurt you are.

Our One and Only

Your mind will make you feel that you will never be able to live without your ex.  It will tell you all of the good qualities that they had and will keep you feeling pain and feeling worse about the situation.


Our mind will tell use that the relationship was perfect even though it was not.  No relationship is without problems and you need to focus on those.


Your mind will tell you to text your ex that you will feel better.  Doing these things will make you feel desperate and make you feel needy.

Talking About It

Talking about how hurt you are will not make you feel better.  Doing this will just make you miss your ex more.

Why It Happened

Your mind will want you to understand why the breakup happened, but most people do not have a real reason and have a hard time understanding why the breakup happened.  It is better to decide on your own that it was just not a good match.

Focus on the fact that you will be okay and that even though this did not work out, something better will come along at the right time.