How to Know if Someone is Jealous of You

Jealous of You

We have all had someone talk rudely to us and to treat us badly, but if this happens, do not let it upset you because chances are that they are just jealous of you. Everyone that you meet in your life is different than you and there are always going to be people that want to live your life and want to be more like you.

It is natural that we all try to live our best life and sometimes when you are around some people, no matter what you do, they will not like you. Jealousy is a strong emotion and people will sometimes do strange things when they feel jealous. They will often work hard to have more glory in their life, and they will work hard to feel better about who they are.

Some people might be jealous of who you are, and this is all just part of the journey when you are successful.

Even small successes or good things in your life can cause someone to be jealous of you. They might be jealous of what you look like or what you have.

There are signs that you can tell if someone is jealous and here are a few:

Copying You

If you are at work and you find out that someone is dressed just like you, you can be flattered by this. Do not let their jealousy make you feel bad about who you are. Embrace that they want to look like you and complement them on their choices.

Put You Down

When someone is jealous, they will never let you feel that you are good enough. If they are talking about something about your looks or trying to downplay how good you look, take it for what it is, they are jealous.

Talk About You

Someone that is jealous of you will talk about you to other people. If you find out that someone is talking about how bad you look or that you aren’t good enough, don’t let it bother you. Take it as a complement because they are obviously jealous of you.

Praise Themselves

Another thing that someone that is jealous will do is try to convince other people that they are better than you. No matter how often they do this, don’t be offended and remember they are just jealous.

Embarrass You

Being confident is a great thing and it makes people attracted to you. If someone is jealous of you, chances are that they will do whatever they can to make you feel or look less attractive.


Someone that doesn’t like you or is jealous of you will often try to give you bad advice. They might suggest a haircut that you know will never work for you or they might try to get you to buy ugly clothes.


A person that is jealous will always try to compete with you. They will feel threatened by you and they will want to live better than you.


When someone is jealous of you, they will show hate to you for no reason.


There are signs that someone is jealous of you and if you are experiencing these things with someone, allow them to be jealous but live the best that you can live.

Do not try to change or be different just to make someone else feel better. The best advice is to try to stay away from that person and to look and do your best at all times.

It is easy for people to be jealous when someone is beautiful or successful, but you do not have to pick up on the negative energy in order to live a happy life.