Finding Love After Heartbreak

Love After Heartbreak

After going through a breakup, it can be hard to heal and to move on in your life. Chances are that the person you were with had made plans with you for the future and when the breakup came, it was hard to get over.

You have grieved and dealt in your sadness, but you realize that you have to either move forward or stay stuck in your misery. Maybe you made plans to move on.

Now that you have moved on, you need to make plans to love again. Even though this is scary, you can let the fear of rejection go and learn to step out and find people to connect with.

Finding love is not as scary as you think it is and if you want to plan to move forward just like other plans, do it. Plan to find love and stop letting the same old patterns hold you back.

Let Go

You have to let go of your ex if you are ever going to move on. After a breakup, you need to work on letting go of your feelings and letting go of feelings of anger and rejection.

Even if it has been a while, you need to stop allowing your negative feelings to take over in your life and find creative things to do. Stop eating junk food, drinking alcohol or just being a mess and learn to move on and better yourself.

Do things that will help you find love. Find things to do that are out in public like going to the gym or taking a dance class. Do things that you wanted to do in the past, but you never did.

Find someone that will listen to you without judging you and let you vent about what hurts you and what you want in your life.

Find ways to talk about your feelings and it will be easier to move on.

Believe in Love

Everyone has more than one soulmate and so do you. There isn’t just one person out there that is meant for you and you just have to find them.

Look for new people in our life and stop limiting your beliefs that you are only going to love someone once.

If you haven’t found your soulmate, keep looking and find them by going out and having fun.

Opposite of Your Ex

Stop dating people just because they are the opposite of your ex. You dated your ex because you had things in common and you liked them.

Find someone that you have things in common with and do not worry if they have things in common with your ex as well. You liked him for the reason, and you can like someone else because of your attraction.


Know what you want in your life and what you value. Find someone that shares these things that you believe in and someone that values them as much as you.

Look into your past relationships and figure out if you gave up things that were important to you just to be with that person. If you had, be clear on what you want and do not reduce your values. Find someone that will share the same values as you and do not negotiate.

Say No

If you are dating someone and you know it isn’t going to go anywhere, move on right away. Do not lead them on just because you don’t want to be alone or because you are bored.

If you go out on a few dates and you see it isn’t going anywhere, move forward and do not let the process lack.

Learn to say no to someone that you are not interested in and find someone else that you are. Remember your values and do not waste your time with people that have different beliefs than you have.

If things do not work out, find someone else to go out with and keep going until you find the right person.

Improve Who You Are

You should never have to change to make someone like you, but you should change if it improves you in your own self. Do things that makes you stronger and makes you a better person.

Learn to communicate your feelings and learn to do things on your own. Enjoy being single and enjoy the experiences that you have.

It is hard to look at ourselves and to not fault ourselves when things do not work out but learn to grow from the inside out and become a better person.

Make it Work

Once you want to find someone new, go out and find love. See what happens. Allow relationships to come and go and keep doing it until you find the right person to love.

If you want love, go out and find it. Go places where people are and find love and meet new friends. Let your experiences be wild and do whatever it takes to find your happiness.

Do not obsess over finding love, let it come when the time is right, but learn to be comfortable in who you are and learn to have fun in your life.

Be creative in finding love and do things that make you happy along the way. Improve yourself and become better and healthier and when the time is right, love will come.

Do not be afraid of being alone and no matter what, allow yourself to love only for the right reasons. Love is not easy and finding love is hard.

Be prepared to go through struggles and rejection but when true love comes, you will see how amazing it can be. Strive for real love and find someone that brings out the best in who you are. Do not give up and keep searching until the perfect person comes into your life.