Learn How to Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Back

Are you someone that wants your ex back, but you are also thinking about moving on in your life? Do you have things in your heart that are telling you that you should take them back and you are often thinking of the good times you had in the relationship? You know that you want to be with that person, and you think that after your breakup that you could go back and be happy.

Then maybe you ask the universe to help you get back with your ex and you hope with everything in you that they realize that they were making a mistake and that you were perfect for them. You hope that they will call you and tell you that they were wrong, and you check your messenger and your text messages constantly to see if they have texted you.

Stop That Thinking

You have to stop that kind of thinking. He wanted to break up with you because the relationship was working, and it isn’t going to work out.

Your ex thought you were worth the effort, but you have to remember that when you break up, he doesn’t love you enough to make things work out.

Why would you want your ex back if he doesn’t think you are worth it? You have to learn to have worthiness and to increase the value that you see in yourself.

You have to make them know that you are too busy for them because you are living a good life and because you have too many other people in your life to be with.

You need your ex to know that he is the one that is missing out on your life. You need to love who you are and love what you do and then see what happens with your ex.

No Contact

If you want to make this work, you have to have a no contact rule. This means that you do not contact them no matter what.

If he contacts you, do not reply and give it a month before you do.

Social Media

Be careful what you post on social media. Do not let your ex know that you are sad or that your life is unhappy. Post happy things and let it look like you have made a hundred new friends.

Hurting You

Never hurt yourself. He doesn’t care about you but that doesn’t change how great you are.


Do not fall into the idea that you need to be in new relationships. Allow yourself time to heal and do not think that you have to date everyone that comes into your path.

Wait and see where love takes you but focus more on yourself than on others. You are not trying to get your ex back, but you need to make sure that you are your better person. Be open minded and always meditate and try new things.

Meet People

Make new friends and go out and have fun.

Do Something You Always Wanted

Find the things that you always wanted to do and didn’t and do them. If you wanted to go rock climbing, find some people and do it.

Take a class, take a cooking course. Go out and get your nails done.


When you go out and do new things, take pictures of yourself having fun. Who cares if you are having fun or not, just pretend if you have to? Learn to know who you are and what you have.

It will be this time that your ex will probably start contacting you. They do this when you find happiness. If they contact you, treat them like you do everyone else. Say hi and be nice. Do not let them make you feel bad.

Once you are healed, you can talk to them more but never start a relationship after they have just started talking to you.

You have to learn to love yourself. Your ex is just another person. Give yourself time and wait and see if you really want to be back with them or not.