Fixing, Clearing and Detoxing our Souls

Fixing, Clearing and Detoxing our Souls

As we sleep our soul parts ways with our body, and reunites with the greater whole, alluding to the source, to revive our souls. We are sparks of the source which we refer to as G-d. God is typically referred to as he. Our own spark which is our higher self, and also our spark of the soul is alluded to as she.

However, there is another aspect of God that enters the head of our bed as we lay ourselves down to rest. This aspect of God triggers senses inside our brains so we can reconnect profoundly to the higher source. These flash triggers attempt to help us advance by interfacing us with a long overlooked higher knowledge of what we need to know so that we can make some further progress in our ways on this earth.

Fixing, Clearing and Detoxing our SoulsThe female aspect of almighty God usually referred to as shechina, works with us throughout many reincarnations to get the job done. She digs deep into our darkness and helps us reignite the sparks to bring about these adjustments.

Shechina also plays a very big role in assisting us to view the bigger picture, by diving down into the dirt with us in order to help us cleanse our spiritual lenses. She draws the light from the supreme source above that delivers the upper lights as above, so  below.

Via the female aspect of the almighty God and our souls that are sparks of shechina, voluntarily place themselves into a sort of captivity, in order to do the job from the inside, just to heal the world.

When those come together, they create a purifying, healing change for our planet because their destinies are bound together, then these earthly souls work together to repair the damages within each other’s souls caused by our egos. This is referred to as the process of karma.