When Your Partner Needs Space in Their Relationship

Partner Needs Space in Their Relationship

If you are in a relationship and your partner tells you that they need space, this can cause you to wonder about your relationship.

When you first start dating, you see that the relationship seems perfect and exciting. You cannot wait to see them, and you cannot wait to go out and have fun together. You are always texting and putting things on social media.

This is called the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship. This is the time where everything seems perfect, and you want to spend as much time with your partner as you can.

When the honeymoon phase ends though, relationships don’t always stay this way.  If you want to be in a healthy relationship, you have to fight to keep the love alive. You have to learn the needs and respect each other.

Some people forget that being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you are supposed to be together 24/7. There are reasons that you need space. Spending time by yourself is important to keep the relationship strong. You and your partner both need to recharge from each other here and there.

Everyone needs some alone time so that they can work on their own lives and themselves. Being together too much can cause the relationship to become sour. It can make the people in the relationship feel that they are codependent on one another. This means they feel that they cannot do anything alone.

This can affect the relationship negatively and when there isn’t enough space between partners, it can be a bad thing.

Instead of always being together, you have to take time alone and let both you and your partner revive. You have to give them space to do things they want to do.

If your partner tells you that they need space, do not give them a hard time but give them the space that they need. Relationships need space to be happy and healthy.

If you have found that the relationship is not as exciting as it used to be, chances are that your relationship needs space.

Signs You Need Space

When you find that you and your partner are arguing over everything, even small things, this can be a sign you need space.

Everyday arguing is not healthy and when you are annoyed by everything your partner does, you are probably spending too much time together. You need to get away from each other and give each other a break.

Spend some time alone and see if that fixes things.

Doing Things without Approval

If you have to ask your partner what you can do or tell them where you are going, you need space. Not being able to do things on your own is a sign of codependency and this is unhealthy.

Being codependent means you are connected in a strong way to your partner but that you are forced to rely on them in every detail of your life.

This kind of relationship can become controlling and can cause there to be jealousy and pain. Instead of telling your partner everything you do, take time to yourself and be independent.

Being Annoyed

Knowing your partner is important and when you are falling in love with them, you know everything about them, even their flaws.

Nothing makes you stop falling in love because you know that they are great. After you have been together for a while and you find that you are annoyed by things they do, you might need to have some space.

This happens because you are spending too much time together. You need to have some free time and then you will see them how you used to see them.

Don’t Want them to Go

If you are with your partner but you don’t want them to go out with you anymore, this can be a bad sign. They might make you feel trapped, and this can happen because you are spending too much time together.

If you don’t’ want to invite your partner out with you, it means you no longer enjoy being with them and you wish things were new.

You have gotten tired of them and you need to make space so that the relationship can revive. You will not be happy if you feel trapped and if you tell your partner you need space, you have to heal from the toxicity that has happened by being together too much.


When you find that you no longer enjoy being together with your partner like you did at the beginning, it can mean you are spending too much time together.

You notice that all your time involves being together and you had fun but now you need a break. Things change in relationships and the time together should be enjoyed. If you feel that you need space in your relationship because you are no longer enjoying each other, take space.

Take space that you need and spend some time alone.

Stressed Out

When you don’t have any alone time, it can cause you to feel stressed out. Learn to take time alone and learn to refresh. This happens in every relationship.

If you find that you are always stressed, it can mean that you need to take time for yourself and live a life outside of your relationship.

Take time to recharge and to feel more alive.

Losing Who You Are

When you start losing your own individuality then you are spending too much time together. This means that you have to have different views in your relationship, and you should have different dreams and ideas.

Keeping your own individuality means that you are able to have a life outside of your relationship and a life in it.

When you begin to feel that you are losing your own self, you have to focus on getting space. Stay active in the relationship but also be active in your own self.

Take time alone and see if you feel different afterwards.


Do you feel that you used to have conversations that were much more meaningful than they are now? Do you feel like you never talk, and something has changed?

If so, you are lacking in a connection with each other. This happens when things change. You change when your personal lives are not left attended and you spend too much time together.

You need to have space. If you feel that you and your partner don’t understand each other, you need to take time alone and have a life outside of your relationship. Let your life grow and become strong so your relationship can work.

Physical Affection

Do you find that you have conversations that are short but you area no longer interested in touching or having sex? You have to look at your past time with your partner and see if something is different than it was at the beginning?

If you are used to having affection and now it seems to be lacking, this could be because you need space in your relationship.

Having no physical affection can cause you to be unhappy. This can happen because you are no longer motivated to make things feel good. You are becoming a different person than you were.

When you are happy, you are able to express this by loving each other and by physically hugging and being together. If you find you are not having that anymore, you probably need some space.

Wishing You Were Single

If you find that you wish you were single and you miss the single life, you need to have some space. If you are not happy with your relationship, you need to find out how to fix it.

Sometimes we dream about being single but when it is a constant thought, you have a relationship that is not healthy.

You need to give each other freedom to do things alone and to have friends and hobbies that you do separate.

This will help you to make your relationship more positive.

Why Having Space is Important

Good relationships need space and there are signs that you need to pay attention to know that it is time to have more space in your relationship.

If you need space in your relationship, here are some reasons you might need it:

  • Helps you to be an individual-this means you can reach your own goals and dreams and find happiness.
  • Excitement-when you are on your own, you can have excitement in your life and then go back to your relationship revived and feeling good. When you spend too much time together you become bored with each other.
  • You need time to miss your partner. When you miss each other then you will no longer be annoyed with each other and you will see how great your relationship is. When you spend too much time together you don’t have the chance to miss each other.
  • Being apart can make your relationship stronger. It can help you to focus on yourself more and help you to make the relationship more stable. This can build a strong foundation for you and can keep you strong.
  • When you need space, you can be more intimate with each other and instead of spending time talking to your partner, your relationship will be stronger because you had time with some of your friends and family.