When to Give Up on a Crush

When to Give Up on a Crush

Though the old adage tells us, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again,” this is not always a sound option in all cases. The thing most people leave out of such advice is that you must learn when to give up as well. In some cases, this is giving up on someone, like a crush. It can be difficult to give up on someone you love because it brings an end to a fantasy that you have likely been dreaming up for some time. While fantasies are a great way to escape reality on occasion, it can be a let down when the actual person is gone. When this happens, we need to accept that position, spend time with family and friends, and focus on professional pursuits. Eventually, another crush always comes along and hopefully this one will return the feelings. Often, we need to give up on an unrequited crush to liberate ourselves to something better.

Below are some times when you know it is time to let go and move on so something better can find its way into your life:

No Response

Though it seems simple, in this technological age, if you extend a Facebook invite and he does not accept, then there is no hope. Even if you were just mildly interested in someone, you would accept a friend request, so, it is over. If he does accept the request, but does not send a private message about meeting you or saying something kind, then the outlook is still pretty bleak. Even if you choose to keep prompting a response, the outcome will reach a natural, often harsh end.

Along the same lines, inconsistent texting is also a sign of the unreciprocated crush. If you are the main tester and he fails to respond even to open ended questions, this crush is only in one direction. Even if he uses some nonsense excuse like the phone fell into the sink or laptop exploded, it truly is nonsense and he is not into you at all. Remember, technology has many outlets and if one does not work, we always have other options. So, one form not working means he is blowing you off.

No Follow Through

If he sets a date and does not show, it is obviously a bad sign. If you insist on trying again and do score a date, it may not be all you expect. There is a chance it is one and done. Pursuing someone is great, but if they never pursue you back, it is useless.

No Reaction

If you make an effort to give a gift to a person, even if it is someone you have gone out with a few times, and receive no reaction, not even a thank you, then it is unreciprocated love. Perhaps you are super-nice and just want to give for the good of giving, but when it is someone you like, you want a response. If you receive no response, then walk away which may ironically make him want you.

See Him Dating

This is an obvious one, but heart breaking. If you run into your crush on a date or see evidence of one online then it hurts. However, it is a clear message the crush only runs one way. Let go of the crush. Some will insist that since you two are not exclusive that he is free to date, but the truth is obvious. You are not the chosen one and need to allow yourself to move on to someone else.